Join The ‘Disco Friday’ Vibe

Disco Friday started happening in the Battelley household 18 years ago! After a busy week, it became too easy to sit and watch television, so we started a revolution. Every Friday from 6pm we danced. Cushions were removed from the sofa and used as floor mats for tumble time and jumping, disco ball was turned on, music played and we boogied…we danced ourselves dizzy. After the dancing we felt energised and elated. After a bubbly bath and a story my sons slept soundly. What better way to celebrate the end of the working week!

Disco Friday

Your active dance time should include some of the following ideas :

  • Great music! Anything that makes you move – just be careful that the lyrics are suitable – get everyone to sing along to the chorus
  • Some structured moves that are easy to follow and perform – eg. clapping/stamping/kneebends/stretching/jumping/twirlin
    • Maybe focus on just one body part – eg wiggling hips/shaking hands/different jumps
  • Don’t forget you can use the floor to spin on/roll about
  • Free movement is great for everyone – do whatever you like – just enjoy!
  • Let infants who aren’t walking yet do their own thing – you can carry them – or they can sit on your knee to join in – be as active as possible with them
  • Think about including some sort of apparatus/stimuli – maybe a colourful ribbon – some pom-poms – bubbles or balloons
  • Always make sure the space you are moving in is safe – check for any sharp corners – obstacles – anything that may be a trip hazard
  • Make sure the children are dressed appropriately – and they can move freely – and footwear is suitable
family dancing
disco fun
girl dancing